Organic Laundry Soap Nuts - Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent (1lb = 200 + Loads Of Laundry)

Organic Laundry Soap Nuts - Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent (1lb = 200 + Loads Of Laundry)

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Soap nuts, which are technically berries but are called “nuts” because their shell hardens as they dry, contain saponin which is a natural soap. When agitated in water, these dried berries produce a natural surfactant that gently cleanses laundry. These natural cleaning berries are traditionally grown in southern India, Indonesia and Pakistan. Organic Soap Nuts make it simple to get your clothes to come out smelling fresh, clean, and super soft. Unlike conventional methods for cleaning laundry, soap nuts do not require dyes or added fragrance which is excellent for individuals with sensitive skin types, baby clothes, and reusable diapers.

Did you know, when they suds, they also act as a natural fabric softener in the rinse cycle.  Without foam, the saponin penetrates clothing fibers to lift away stains and serve as a natural fabric softener. They are organic, fragrance-free, and 100% hypo-allergenic, which makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin, allergies, psoriasis or eczema. They’re also friendly to both your wallet and the environment – one pound of reusable organic soap nuts will last for over 200 to 400 wash cycles which is equivalent to used five to seven plastic detergent bottles. No matter what machine you have, soap nuts are safe for both normal and high-efficiency washing machine as well as septic tanks.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Place 4-6 soap nuts in a canvas wash bag or sock.
  2. Tie a knot so that the soap nuts will stay in the bag or sock.
  3. Place it directly in the washing machine with your laundry.
  4. Please note: Soap nuts should be used on warm and hot cycles as warm water activates the soap nuts’ cleansing properties.
  5. Once your laundry is finished, remove the wash bag from the laundry before transferring clothes to the dryer.
  6. Reuse the soap nuts until the skin isn’t hard anymore. Over time the soap nuts will lose their color or start to disintegrate. 

Key Features: Naturally hypoallergenic, odorless, does not damage surfaces or fabrics, eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable, reusable, naturally softens clothes, organic, and compostable. 

What Do You Get:

  1. 1 lb of Organic Shelled Soap Nuts 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can soap nuts be used in a front load washer? Yes, soap nuts can be used in front loading machines and must be placed in the drum with the clothes. Please note, it is not recommended to place it in the detergent drawer.
  • Are soap nuts effective in cold water? Yes, soap nuts can be used with cold water. It is suggested to soak the bag of nuts in hot water beforehand for approximately 10 minutes (like you are making tea) and then adding the hot water with the nuts into the washing machine. The pre-soaking will help release additional soap that will help with effectiveness in cold water. For best results, create a liquid soap from the soap nuts and use that to clean your laundry.
  • What are other uses of soap nuts? Soap nuts have such a wide range of uses in cleaning that include dishwashing, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, shampoo, body wash, face wash, insect repellent, cleaning pets, jewelry, cars, and the list goes on.  
  • How long can soap nuts be used before getting a new set? Nuts can be re-used up to 5 -10 times before discarding them which highlights the economic value of the dried berries.

    Does not contain: Chemicals, Dyes, Heat, Plasticizers like phthalates, harsh foaming agents, or BPAs.


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