Slim-Soon™ Nuclear Fat Burner

Slim-Soon™ Nuclear Fat Burner

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Our Slim-Soon™ Nuclear Fat Burner is the ultimate combination of herbs for BOTH male and female weight warriors, uniquely formulated to assist you on your weight reduction journey.


  • Unlock trapped body fat
  • Jumpstart ketosis
  • Help Improve Weight-loss Efforts
  • Naturally Improve Energy
  • Boost metabolism

Instructions for Best Use:

  • Take 2 capsules one time a day right before a meal. 
  • Since each order comes with 60 capsules, this is enough for a 30 day supply.  

Contents:  Green Tea, Raspberry, Kelp, and Grapeseed.


  • Keep your herbs in a dry cool place away from direct light.

Does Not Contain: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - Chemical Preservatives - Dye and Color-Additives - Synthetic Chemicals - Artificial Fragrances - Petrochemicals - Animal Oils - Mineral Oils - Parabens - Alcohols - BPAs

Safe For: Pregnant/Breastfeeding Woman; Daily/Weekly Use 

Your health is your wealth, so you must always invest wisely.  



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