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Sidereal Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Sidereal Astrology Natal Chart Reading

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What is an astrology natal chart reading?
This is a 15-25 page report that provides insight on (1) understanding oneself in relations to personal growth/development, (2) choosing a career path based on your natural talents and passions, (3) learning how to better interact with money/finances, (4) enlightening information about romantic partners and family matters, and (5) predicting challenging/traumatic areas and life events.

Why should you get an astrology natal chart reading?
Gaining an understanding of self, and your relations to others around you will better equip you to thrive on your journey through life. For those seeking a more fulfilling job, you can learn what passion and talents you are naturally drawn to. This information can help you choose a proper degree program to pursue or a new career path to focus your energy on. When it comes to relationships (whether romantic or familial) it is always best to understand how you are perceived by people, your areas of improvement, and the best way to approach situations. Overall, astrology natal chart readings provide a blueprint that aids to guide you through specific aspects of life.

What is the difference between the sidereal versus the tropical vedic natal chart?
In order to get the most accurate natal chart reading it is important to read the stars exactly as they are at the time of birth. In comparison, the tropical or vedic natal chart alters the positions of the stars and then proceeds to interpret them. By doing this, the natal report is inaccurate. For these reasons, here at, we only use the sidereal version in order to provide accurate natal chart readings.

How will I receive my astrological natal chart reading?
All readings will be sent directly to the email address on file. It is important to double-check the email address that you enter during checkout for accuracy. This will ensure that you receive your astrological natal chart reading.

When will I get my astrology natal chart reading?
Since your astrological chart reading is completed by one person, the average turn around time for astrological natal chart reading is 7-14 business days. During high order volumes completing the natal chart reading may take as long as 14-21 days.

What to do after you ordered your astrology natal chart reading?
1. Open the downloadable file in the email we send.
2. Fill out the document with the requested information.
3. Wait 7-14 days for us to compile your report, and email it to you.

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Important Astrology Key Terms:

Sun Sign: What people see/How they would describe you

Ascendants (aka Rising Sign): Personality

Moon: How you are emotionally

Planet: Breakdowns how your personality (inner energy) is displayed.

Houses: Areas relating to life

Red line: Conflicting Aspects

Blue Line: Favorable Aspects

F: Fixed signs/Managers

M: Mutable signs/Adaptable

C: Cardinal signs/Initiators

Triangles: Called trian and are always blue. These are very good attributes about yourself that you may not realize you have that you naturally possess.

Asterisks: Called sextiles and will always be blue. These are very good attributes about yourself that you may not realize you have, and you dont have to work on them either. They come naturally).

Red Squares: Challenging areas about oneself (areas of improvement).

Red Conjuncts: Good aspects that you have to intentionally work on. These properties could rub other people’s energies the wrong way.

Stellium: Occurs when you have 3 or more planets in the same house.

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