Healthy Colon Starter Kit - Holiday Detox Kit

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Don't let your holiday meals continue to sit and rot in your stomach!  Detox it out asap using our healthy colon starter kit! 

Not sure how many plates of ham, pork, beef, or chicken you had at the last holiday celebration, but meat & fish typically take TWO (2) DAYS to fully digest in a healthy colon. Chances haven't done a detox in a while so that meat & fish could take several additional days. 


Why allow food to sit and rot in your colon when you don't have to? This is why we, here at Embrace Pangaea® curated our Healthy Colon Starter Kit so that you can remove the waste and stop toxins from circulating in your body.


Our STANDARD Healthy Colon Starter Kit Contains:

  1. The Big Flush™: Used to flush out waste clogging up your colon which prevents toxins from recirculating in your body. 
  2. Clean-Col®: Used to remove stuck-on waste from your colon walls. 
  3. The Essential 18: Our non-laxative herbal detox tea is used to maintain your healthy colon.
  4. Zyme-Right: Our digestive enzymes are used to help break down those hard-to-digest holiday food and help to extract as many nutrients as possible. 


Our DELUXE Healthy Colon Starter Kit Contains: 

***Everything listed in the STANDARD Healthy Colon Starter Kit PLUS everything listed below:

  1. The Essential 18: You get a BONUS bag which means you will receive 2 in total. 
  2. ParaFree™: Parasite & Worm herbal detox to fight tapeworms that are found in turkey, chicken, beef, pork, and fish.
  3. Yeast Slayer™: 20 anti-fungal candida herbal detox to combat yeast overgrowth from consuming diets high in sugar and flour products like cookies, cakes, and sugary sweets. 
  4. So-Biotic®: Our formula has 40 billion probiotics working to help you absorb more nutrients and have better digestion.