Goddess Pack - 12 Detox Pearls, 1 Herbal Foaming Feminine Wash, & 28 Detox Teas

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This package is for individuals that would like to jump start their wellness journey with our Pangaea line of holistic products.

This Goddess Pack Contains:

  • 1 Essential 18: Herbal Detox Tea ($35 Value)
  • 1 Feminine Wash ($12 Value)
  • 12 Pangaea Pearls™ - Vaginal Detox Pearls ($75 Value)

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$122 VALUE for only $80

For more information on each product please visit the links below.

Detox Tea --> This type of detox is designed to aid the colon in removing stagnant waste. Waste that is held in the colon can cake on to your intestinal walls leading to the re-circulation of toxins within your body, and the increase in unnecessary weight. Our detox is specially designed with 18 powerful herbs that work to move stagnant waste out of the colon and assist the body's natural elimination process. This detox is not a laxative, and works well with clients wanting to lose weight, relieve bloating, and alleviate constipation. The Essential 18: Herbal Detox Tea™  is a 28 day cleanse that should be done once every 3 months.

Feminine Wash --> Embrace Pangaea’s herbal based intimate wash is designed to gently clean feminine intimate areas and menstrual cups. Our intimate wash also maintains an average pH of 4, which falls in the middle of the natural pH of the vagina (3.5 to 4.5). Maintaining a clean and pH balanced feminine area aids in reducing unpleasant odors, itching, excess discharge, and other imbalances. With the use of 100% natural herbal ingredients this wash is safe for daily use by pregnant women, children, and individuals with sensitive skin.

Detox Pearls --> The womb is the sixth elimination organ for women. The womb is not only a vessel for bringing in souls to the physical plane, but also a vessel that can hold on to emotional, physical, and spiritual trauma and pain. The herbal womb detox pearls have been specially created with ancient herbs that have been used for feminine wellness.  Some major imbalances that modern women experience on a daily basis are bacteria vaginosis, foul odor, yeast infections, endometriosis, and fibroids. Following the Pangaea Process, the detox is intended to be inserted for one day. Afterwards, the detox should be removed.  |If you are currently experiencing any gynecological disorders please consult a licensed medical professional, review all supplemental material, & do you own research prior to purchasing|

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