Thank You

Welcome to the product test group!

If you are reading this, then that OFFICIALLY means that you are truly interested in helping us to make Embrace Pangaea bigger and better in order to serve our community. Although the product tester program is 100% free to join, in order to receive the product that we would like you to test you will have to cover the shipping and a heavily discounted price for it.

Now you may be wondering...Why is this? Well, that is because the herbs that we use here at Embrace Pangaea™ are high quality and we are not able to simply cover both that cost, taxes, and shipping. The discount you will receive for the test product will range from 50-90% off depending on the product that we are asking you to review for us. 

When we are ready to test a product, we will send an email out to you which contains the one-time use discount code which has a MAX quota of 25 people. When that limit has been reached, no one else will be able to use the product test code. We currently have over 5,000 clients (like you) on our VIP List (The Pangaea Posse), that is why we are limiting each product test to the first 25 people that take action. So, when you receive our product test emails please act fast if you would like to be included. Please note, we will NOT be able to adjust any completed payments to include this or any other discount code. 

Once again, thank you so much for helping us to grow and help people (like you) to live healthier lives without breaking the bank. 

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Peace, Love, & Wellness

T.C Atkinson

Founder, Embrace Pangaea