The Pangaea Cleanse™: Detox Program For Parasite, Fungi (aka Yeast), Bad Bacteria, & Dead Cells

The Pangaea Cleanse™: Detox Program For Parasite, Fungi (aka Yeast), Bad Bacteria, & Dead Cells

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The Pangaea Cleanse ™ is a seasonal cleanse that occurs every 3 months. 

Since this is also an interactive cleanse which features a guided group support program, we will only be able to open it up a small group at a time which allows us to provide the most attention to each person.

Unlike our seasonal Pangea Detox Retreat ™, this cleanse can be done from anywhere in the world because we ship your cleanse material directly to you. 

The focus of this cleanse will be targeted towards parasites, fungi (aka Yeast), bad bacteria, and the removal of dead cells. 

Below are all of the supplies that you will receive:

    • ParaFree™
    • Yeast Slayer™
    • So-Biotic™
    • The Big Flush™
    • Clean-Col™
    • The Essential 18
    • Zyme-Right™
    • Golden Sea Moss
    • Goddess Butter
    • 100% African Black Soap
    • Herbal tooth powder
    • HerbaRinse™

If you were not participating in this cleanse, the investment in all the above items would be $159; however, when you participate in the group cleanse you automatically receive the group rate.

Once you have secured your spot for the cleanse, you will receive an email with the link to join the Pangaea Cleanse™  FB Group. All of the usage instructions will be posted in the group which you will have access to after reserving your spot for our Pangaea Cleanse™. 

Please note: This is a 1-week (7 day) cleanse, and all of the meal recommendations will be posted in the group to not only meet you where you are, but to also provide you with options because there are levels to EVERYTHING!

Instructions for Best Use:

  • All instructions will be provided in the support group that was created for this cleanse.


    • Please store all your cleanse items in a cool and dry location in order to preserve the effectiveness of the herbs and natural products. 

    Does Not Contain: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - Chemical Preservatives - Dye and Color-Additives - Synthetic Chemicals - Artificial Fragrances - Petrochemicals - Animal Oils - Mineral oils - Parabens - Alcohols - BPAs

    Safe For: Pregnant/Breastfeeding Woman

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