Supplement Plus Pack

Supplement Plus Pack

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Being healthy does not have to wipe your bank account. That is why we have specially created several bundles of Pangaea Packages to assist you in achieve your health and wellness goals with out leaving you financially high and dry. This special bundle is called the "Supplement Plus" pack because it offers all of our popular products at a combined economical rate. 

 (Coupons cannot be used because packages are already 20% off.)

This Pangaea Pack Includes:

  • 1 So-Biotic™ Probiotic ($18)
  • 1 Zyme-Right™ Digestive Enzyme ($15)
  • 1 Clean-Col™ Colon Cleanse ($10)

 If all 3 items were purchased separately, you would normally pay $43 during checkout. 

Luckily, our bundles not only come with great natural hygiene combinations but awesome prices as well! 

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