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Do You Soak Your Yoni Detox Pearls?

Greeting everyone,

Welcome back to another installment, its TC Atkinson, and I'm going to discuss one more frequently asked question that I've gotten a few times over the years.  

So the question that was asked is, "Do you need to soak your Yoni Detox Pearls prior to inserting them? Keep reading to find out...

The answer, no, no, no, no no no. You do not need to soak your Yoni Detox Pearls prior to inserting because you just don't. PERIOD!

However, if you feel that you need to have some type of coating in order to "ease" insertion then you are totally free to do that. The best oil to use would be coconut oil.

Alright, so after you slightly unraveled the string do not dip your vaginal detox pearl into the coconut oil because you do not want to contaminate the coconut oil. Instead, scoop out some coconut oil, and then lubricate Yoni Pearl in it.  

Another option would be to lubricate the outside of your vagina (the opening) prior to inserting the Yoni Detox Pearls. Alright, so that's what I would personally recommend if you do feel inclined to have some type of lubricant please use a natural one like coconut oil. STAY FAR AWAY from any of those super glides, KY, or anything bought from the sex shops... Please do not use any of those, coconut oil would just fine I promised you. Plus, coconut oil is anti-bacterial and is also really good at keeping you moisturized. 

Once again to officially answer the question: Do you need to have something to lubricate your Yoni Detox Pearls? No you do not; However, if you choose to, if it is your preference to do what you feel you need to in order to have a more pleasant detox experience. If that includes coconut oil as a natural llubricant...Go for it!

With all that being said: to all the kings, queens, gods, goddesses, and especially those that are in the making, please, please, please remember: Life keeps getting better when you do the work especially when you invest in your health because it is your greatest wealth. If you have any questions definitely leave in a comment section below or send me an email. 

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Peace, Love, & Wellness

T.C Atkinson
Founder of Embrace Pangaea

"Remember...Life keeps getting better when you do the work!" - T.C Atkinson

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