Pregnant or Breastfeeding - Watch This Before Using Yoni Detox Pearls

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It's TC Atkinson here again from Embrace Pangaea, and I've had this question from several individuals: paid and potential clients. They've come to me and asked, "Can I use yoni detox pearls while pregnant?", "Can I use yoni detox pearls after giving birth?", Can I use yoni detox pearls while breastfeeding?". 

Are you in one of those situations above? Can you still perform the Pangaea pearl cleanse? As you know, you are not supposed to use the Yoni Detox Pearls when you're pregnant. With that understanding, you may think that it's alright to perform this vaginal cleanse. The thing is, (yes) you may not be pregnant, but you are breastfeeding so keep reading...

I'm not a medical doctor. I'm not affiliated with any type of a Western Medicine. However, what I have researched is that one of the herbal components in Yoni Detox Pearls called Angelica archangelica root can possibly have effect your breast milk production. There this key herb can have the ability to reduce your breast milk production to your baby. Me personally, I will not recommend any breastfeeding mother that is considering using Yoni Detox Pearls to actually go and perform the cleanse at that time. I would recommend that you wait until you finish breastfeeding your child before performing the cleanse because you don't want to play that gamble with your baby. 

As a future mother myself, I know you would want to make sure that your baby gets as many nutrients, micro-nutrients, mineral, vitamins as your breast milk can possibly provide. Because nature intended for your breastmilk to be the only food that your baby so you do not want to run the risk of reducing that food source.

I understand that you want to detox your yoni the best way with detox pearls to cleanse, but there's a time for everything. There's a season for everything. And if you are currently breastfeeding, this is not the season to perform that particular type of cleansing. Instead, you may want to switch to a more plant based holistic diet where you can detox yourself with food.

So that's it!

So with all being said, to all the gods, goddesses, kings, queens and especially those that are in the making...remember, remember, remember life's keep getting better when you do the work especially when you invest in your health because it is your greatest wealth.

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"Remember...Life keeps getting better when you do the work!" - T.C Atkinson

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