Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs (Set of 3)


Known by many names, yoni eggs, have been used for centuries to aid women to increase their sexual experience and improve heir connection to self. These intimate eggs are sourced from Brazilian rose quartz that are been cut, chiseled, sanded and tumbled into beautiful, silky-smooth yoni eggs.

What do you get?

  1. Set of 3 eggs with strings
  2. Complimentary replacement strings (unwaxed floss)
  3. Personal velvet pouch

Yoni Egg Sizes

  • Small – 30 x 20mm
  • Medium – 40 x 25mm
  • Large – 45 x 30mm

***All eggs receive an energetic cleansing via a sage smudging ceremony to clear the crystal of any negative energy it may have collected before your receive it. Proper cleansing allows the crystal to be fully accessible in benefiting your needs.***

⇒ Check out our free rose quartz guided meditation for examples on how to use your yoni egg externally.


For over two thousand years, wise women have used the powers of crystal eggs to enhance and maintain their inner goddess. According to ancient Taoist tradition, a strong vagina and pelvic floor intensified life-force energy. It was and still is believed that when a woman does her Kegels or vaginal weightlifting with a yoni egg that energy is lifted and intensified within, which amplifies her chi energy outward where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy. Tap into your sensual side, tighten your vaginal walls, and increase your sexual experience with our hand carved crystal eggs. These gemstones are also designed to promote awareness and consciousness. By nature of releasing the egg, you must consciously focus on relaxing your vaginal muscles. Tap into your divine feminine and allow your vaginal muscles to release the egg. Learn patience and empowerment.

These crystals are sourced from Brazil and are among of the holistic, non-porous, hygienic alternatives to stainless steel ben wa balls and plastic pelvic floor exercises. These crystals are also certified 100% organic natural quartz that are free of any added material such as glass. Interestingly, crystals are concentrated light energy with minerals stored into these amazing shapes and colors. They can transmit energy, absorb energy and transform energy.

What are the benefits of Yoni Eggs? Whether they are held in your palm during meditation or inserted into your yoni, these egg-shaped crystals vibrate can enhance your physical experience in various ways. Some women experience enhanced sexual pleasure, stronger orgasms, greater moistness, lower urination needs, and core/ abdominal muscle development. One fact about the vagina that many people aren’t aware of is that the vagina is a collapsed muscle and like any other muscle in the body, the vagina has to be worked out in order to maintain strength, shape and health.  Kegel exercises are recommended by health care professionals and sex therapists/coaches to women in order to build up the muscles within the pelvis and the vagina. Large eggs can be used for tightening purposes post-pregnancy. In comparison, smaller eggs are better suited to achieve increased moisture.

What are the benefits of Rose Quartz? This type of natural quartz resonates with the heart chakra. Its energetic vibrations naturally lower stress, tension, releases anger, jealousy, negative emotions and resentment of others. Rose quartz is commonly known as the romance stone because it resonates with love of all types include that with self, intimate partner, family, and the platonic love shared between spiritual beings. This quartz crystal’s resonance with unconditional love also aids in bringing inner healing and peace from traumatic life experiences.

Why are rose quartz eggs the best starter crystals for a wellness journey? Without proper self-love, you cannot truly respect yourself enough to attract the love, peace of mind, and positive experiences you deserve. Rose quartz is a natural gemstone that resonates with love. With a better understanding o of love then you can decide to live up to your full potential and position yourself to receive positive energy/abundance.

How long should the yoni egg be inserted? This truly depends on you and the length of time you have practiced with the egg. Crystal eggs can be used during meditation (20 minutes), while doing chores (2-3 hours), overnight (8-12 hours), or for  1-2 days.

***Watch review videos and yoni egg exercises below.***

Why are they drilled? Yoni eggs can have a hole that allows a string to be attached or be undrilled resulting in the crystal being hole free.  The reason we offer drilled yoni eggs is so that you can have to freedom to practice without the aid of a string, use a string to assist in removal, or to take the advanced route to add weights to the eggs. Adding weights to the crystal can only be done by tying the weight on to the string that is attached to the egg.  Including weights into your practice is known as vaginal weightlifting.

What are the sizes of the eggs?  | Small – 30 x 20mm  |   Medium – 40 x 25mm   |   Large – 45 x 30mm  |

What type of string should I use? There are multiple string options that include bamboo, hemp, silicone, or cotton. If you are looking for a more economic and readily available string option, then using unwaxed scent free dental floss is a great option. 

How often should I change the string? After each use, the string and the crystal egg should be cleansed to reduce any bacterial growth. If you choose to use the dental floss, please discard the string after each use. 

What is the best way to remove the gemstone? No matter which of the two techniques you use it is very important to relax your mind, body, and spirit. When you are completely relaxed, gently pull on the string to aid in removal. If you opt to forgo using the string, after relaxing, you will need to allow the egg to slide down out of your goddess zone. The crystal will come out when the time is right.

***Watch review videos and yoni egg exercises below.***

How do I insert and use these crystal eggs?  

  1. Cleanse your eggs prior to use.
  2. Ensure that the string is securely tied onto your crystal egg for easy removal.
  3. Squat or lay flat on your back.
  4. Insert the widest end of the egg into your vaginal so that the end with the string enters last.
  5. Ensure that the string is hanging out.
  6. Relax in a laying or sitting position with your yoni egg for 1-2 minutes.
  7. Practice your kegal exercise: contract for 30 seconds then rest for 1-2 minutes.
  8. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times.

How do I clean (cleanse) my yoni egg before using it? Pour boiling water into a bowl, wait until the water cools down and then place the egg in the water. You can also add vinegar to the solution (1tbs to 1 qt water) for extra cleansing.  If you desire to use soap, we recommend our foaming feminine wash because it does not contain any artificial dyes or chemicals. If you choose to use your own soap, please be cautious because some chemicals in soap can cause unpleasant reactions.

How do I properly store my yoni egg? All crystal should be store in a cool-dry location unless you are recharging it with natural sunlight. Please use the complimentary velvet pouch to safely store your crystal eggs.

Who should not use yoni eggs? Women that currently have a sexually transmitted disease, are pregnant, or menstruating should not insert yoni eggs. Instead, the crystal eggs can be held and used during meditation.

What other ways can yoni eggs be used? Other than vaginal insertion, yoni eggs are great for meditation. These energy eggs can be placed on altars, meditation tables, under pillows, or simply held in your palm while you meditate.

***Check out our free rose quartz guided meditation for examples on how to use your yoni egg externally.*** 

Does not contain: Chemicals, Dyes, Heat, Plasticizers like phthalates, or BPA

ATTENTION:  Although we provide supplemental information to aid in making an informed decision, we encourage all clients/customers to conduct their own research about the product before making a purchase. There will be no refund on product purchases, and all sales are final. This product is not intended for consumption of any kind. All clients/customers are strongly encouraged to consult with a licensed healthcare professional such as a physician or pharmacist about healthcare choices. Contact your healthcare provider immediately if you suspect that you have any medical problem complications. Information and statements regarding dietary/herbal products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Embrace Pangaea assumes no liability for inaccuracies, misstatements, or defects with the product.

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