Drink The Rainbow

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Drink The Rainbow is a comprehensive juicing guide with 88 recipes designed for specific organs and fasting.

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Drink The Rainbow:

The Ultimate Juicing Guide To Cleanse, Detox, and Rejuvenate Your Body.

Juicing has become extremely popular and for good reason because many of us struggle to get the daily recommended serving of fruits and vegetables.
If you’re like most Americans, there is a heavy load on your body from the Standard American Diet (SAD) lifestyle consisting of industrial-sourced foods, toxic chemicals, and nutrient deficient pre-packaged meals. Whether you’re new to the world of juicing or a seasoned veteran, everyone will learn something from this comprehensive guide. The purpose of this book is to inform readers that are seeking guidance on how to effectively cleanse, detox, and rejuvenate their body. The easily absorbable nutrients from your juice can supercharge your cells to give you more than enough energy to kill it at work, break a personal record at the gym, and spend time with friends and family without feeling drained.

If you want to maximize your life through juicing, implement the valuable key tips, tricks, and hacks found in this book that includes:

  • 88 Juicing Recipes
  • How to reduce cleanup/preparation time.
  • The science behind your favorite produce’s seemingly magical health benefits.
  • How to select the produce that best meets your specific health needs.
  • The similarities between the green you see in kale and your own blood.
  • How to make the tastiest juice if you’re averse to certain types of vegetables.
  • Why live food literally powers the body.
  • How to juice on a tight budget and in a small living space.

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About The Author

T.C Atkinson is currently a PhD student in the Biological Sciences program. She is also the owner of which is a holistic company that offers herbal detoxes, consultations, natural hygiene products, and wellness information. Although her holistic journey began when she was 14 years of age, her rich Jamaican culture has guided her into the path of holistic wellness and natural healing.



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