Natal Chart Reading

What is an astrology natal chart reading? This is a 15-25 page report that provides insight on (1) understanding oneself in relations to personal growth/development, (2) choosing a career path based on your natural talents and passions, (3) learning how to better interact with money/finances, (4) enlightening information about romantic partners and family matters, and (5) predicting challenging/traumatic areas and life events. Gaining understanding of self, and your relations to others around you will better equip you to thrive on your journey through life. For those seeking a more full-filling job, you can learn what passion and talents you are naturally drawn. This information can help you choose a proper degree program to pursue or a new career path to focus your energy on. When it comes to relationship (whether romantic or familial) it is always best to understand how you are perceived by people, your areas of improvement, and the best way to approach situations. Overall, astrology natal chart readings provide a blueprint that aids to guide you through specific aspects of life.

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