Free Products!

Embrace Pangaea is a holistic company that offers herbal detoxes to aid clients in re-balancing their body. As a part of our customer appreciation program, we are sending out free products as a special thank you.  As a client, all you need to do to receive your complimentary gift is to simply share your thoughts by completing the form below and uploading a 2-5 min video review of your experience with our products.

Please ensure that you complete the following to properly be eligible for the free gift. 

  1. Must have placed a previous order with us.
  2. Understand that your video review will be used on all Embrace Pangaea related media outlets.
  3. The company name (Embrace Pangaea) and product name (PangaeaPearls™, Essential 18, Goddess Butter™, etc) must be included in the video.
  4. The video must be between 2-5 minutes in length.

How do you get you free PangaeaPearls™?

  1. Complete the submission form below.
  2. Accepted submissions will be contacted for shipping information.
  3. Wait to receive your free gift delivered by USPS.