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The Four (4) Root Causes and Solutions of Womb Imbalances |Video Included

1) When people lack self-love they normally try to seek it out from external sources. Inevitably, they end up filling that void with false love from someone else, mainly in the form of various sexual partners. Engaging in sexual acts with various partners has a negative effect on us because we are a vessel that was created to receive and carry. That is why women receive the seed from men, and carry a baby through pregnancy. Due to our nature as women, Womb this can leave us carrying and holding on to different energies that are stored in our womb. The different energies ultimately confuses the womb, and leaves some women where they originally started which is lacking true self love. Since the body realizes that it is hurt, void, and confused it puts up an unconscious defense to try and stop the entry of unwanted energies, actions, and situations. This manifests itself in the woman having a womb imbalance such as foul odor, fibroids, endometriosis, or itching. In other situations, by interacting with various sexual partners you may enter into an agreement that you did not bargain for when you contract a sexually transmitted infection or disease like bacteria vaginosis (BV) or human papiloma virus (HPV). If a lack of self-love is the underlying cause of your womb imbalance there are several solutions. The first immediate solution is to stop engaging in the self-defeating activity. Instead participate in activities that you love to do. Take some quiet time to think about your life purpose, and the things that genuinely interests you as a person. If do not have an immediate answer, start by thinking about what gets get you excited. Or what are you passionate about? What are some things that make you unique like your personality or characteristic? What are the things that make you you? What have you done to celebrate those things? In finding the answers to those questions you will be able to see how you can create self-love. Remember self-love is a verb. You have to continuously practice and engage in those self-loving activities. Find time to go out and engage in activities that fulfill you. For some people going out and getting a manicure and pedicure are what makes them happy. Others find peace, joy, and harmony in going out to natural settings such as parks to read, journal, meditate, and reflect. Another way to identify the things that make you feel loved and appreciated would be to write down a list of items that you would want your significant other to do in order to display his/her love for you. When you figure that out, simply do those things for yourself. Remember everything is not for everyone so find time to explore what makes you happy, and fills your love cup in abundance.

2) A second root cause of womb imbalance could be what you consume via your five (5) major senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. These are the ways in which people intake information and interact with the environment on a consistent basis. In order to understand how the items that are consumed can A affect your womb, you have to understand how the body works. The body’s main goal is to live which is accomplished through surviving various situations. Make a note that living and surviving precedes thriving. Whether you are aware that you are in a negative environment or not, your body is always conscious of the external state. If you are constantly seeing or hearing negative people or situations your body knows it is not good. If you are constantly putting on chemically based body products your body knows it is not good. If you are living in a smog filled city or one that constantly has Wi-Fi signals going your body knows it is not good. If you are constantly eating dead, acidic, chemically derived, genetically modified, and mucous causing foods your body knows it is not good. All of your senses are mechanisms for consuming the environment in which you live. And when you engage in activities that are unnatural to your being, your body goes into defense and survival mode which ends up manifesting as an imbalance. If consumption is the underlying cause of your womb imbalance there are several solutions. You need to figure out what specifically in your consumption of Pearls the world is causing the imbalance. Sometimes it is a combination of the things that you intake that cause imbalances as well. Once you figure out which of your senses are receiving negative information, simply counteract that with positivity. For instance, if you are constantly around people or situations that are not conducive, take responsibility, stop putting yourself in that situation, and then find positive people and situations to surround yourself in. One over looked aspect of the sense of sight is not just what you see, but how you actually see and interpret what you are seeing. This requires introspection and some self-evaluation. Is your cup half empty or half full? Practice seeing a situation from the positive aspect. If you are eating or drinking food items that are causing an imbalance, simply exchange those items for hydrating and nutrient dense foods. If you find that the hygiene products or process that you use is the root cause, simply convert to natural base products and adopt a more homogeneous cleansing process.

3) A third factor that could be the root cause of your womb imbalance is synthetic hormones that are used in birth control. These types of birth control alter the natural rhythm of the body, and create excess estrogen in the body which can cause imbalances within the womb. If synthetic hormones are the underlying cause of your womb imbalance there are several solutions. Look into alternative forms of birth control like lamb skin condoms for men or female condoms for yourself. If you want to use herbal supplements like wild yam root that act as birth control you can look into that and see if it’s something that would be best for you. Maybe utilizing the ovulation method of tracking might work better for your lifestyle. This method involves tracking when you are ovulating, and having sex outside of those times. If you do not like any of the previous options, abstinence is always an option.

4) The last major possible factor might be past unresolved childhood abuses. Since we are not only women, but also spiritual beings experiencing a physical reality we are predisposed to holding on to negative experiences for longer and deeper periods of time. Just because we are no longer physically experiencing a situation, that does not mean that the situation is over or that it has been completely resolved. Remember suppressing past abuses is not a solution because it simply manifests itself later on in other areas such as womb imbalances. If past unresolved childhood abuses is the underlying cause of your womb imbalance there are several solutions. You have to address the address the hurt head on. Journal the events that occurred, and your emotional responses while the event was happening as well as your emotional response while recounting the events. If possible meet with your abuser Embrace to find out why they treated you with negativity and ask any deep burning questions that you have harbored. After that, remove the power and control from your abuser by truly forgiving him/her. Next be at peace with the knowledge that you are the controller of your destiny. Release the mental shackles that you have allowed to keep you stuck because what has been done to you does not define you.


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