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All About Herbal Womb Detox Pearls!


As wombmen, we have been blessed with the gift of building nations, raising kings/queens, and healing our loved ones. With all of these responsibilities coupled with work and school, we have forgotten to take care of our most precious possession. Our womb (vagina, yoni, pum-pum, or hot pocket) is the foundation to our stability. It holds our deepest pains, and is still responsibility for bringing forth souls to this world. The human body has the remarkable ability of healing itself via removing toxins through the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and colon. Fortunately for women, we have a 6th elimination organ. Can you guess what that may be? If you said the womb, then you are absolutely correct. The toxins from a poor diet, chemical based environment, and emotional stress can get stuck in your womb. Within each individual, toxins can manifest themselves through various imbalances. Some major vaginal imbalances include bacteria vaginosis, yeast infections, endometriosis, infertility, vaginal pain, excess bleeding, vaginal dryness, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or fibroids.

How Do The Pearls Work?

The Herbal Womb Detox Pearls contain potent traditional herbs that aid in the removal of toxins from the vagina. Osthol: strengthens uterus, kills parasites, & relieves itching. Rhizoma: Stops hot flashes & removes toxins; Motherwort: Regulates menstruation and removes toxins; Angelica: Regulates menstruation; Borneol: Reduces pain, clears the mind and stops hot flashes.  When the pearls are inserted the herbs begin to break down the build up of toxins that are hindering the vagina from operating normally.

 Follow The Pangaea Process: How To Use The Detox

  1. Wash your hands before removing the detox from the sealed package.
  2. Lay on your back with your knees to your chest.
  3. Take the longest finger you have (middle finger) and use it to push the detox (1) deeply into your vagina. 
  4. Leave the 1 detox in for only one day.
  5. Wash your hands, before removing the detox.

 Please wait 2-3 days before inserting another detox, and if you are currently experiencing any gynecological disorder please seek the assistance of a licensed medical practitioner. 


  • Follow our 7 tips to maximize your detox experience.
  • Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water during this process. This will aid in the removal of the toxins and discharge from your womb.
  • Lay on your back with your knees to your chest when inserting the pearls. This position allows you to deeply insert the pearls.


33 thoughts on “All About Herbal Womb Detox Pearls!

  1. Hello, would it be safe to use the pearls to detox if you’ve had a hysterectomy? The uterus and cervix have been removed, and the ovaries are still intact.

    1. Greetings,

      Personally, we would not recommend that you use this type of detox because it is really designed for individuals with a uterus.

  2. I have a small cyst on my right ovary. Could this product possibly assist in dissolving it?

    1. Greetings,

      The purpose of our product is to be used as a herbal detoxifier. Due to the regulations of the FDA we can not legally stated that our detox can mitigate, cure, or remedy and known disease. What we can say is that it is used a herbal detox product design to cleanse the vaginal regions of women. We hope our response was able to answer your questions.

      1. Write correctly, using the right past/present/future form. Writing badly takes all seriousness away.

        1. Greetings,

          Some clients have reported that to occur, but each detox experience is uniquely distinct.

  3. I am about to insert my first pearl. Nervous but excited. I have several fibroids and I’m hoping this helps with them along with other things. Does this also aid in weight loss since you are releasing so much?

    1. Greetings Kimmie! That is super exciting. I remember the feelings I had when I started my first cleanse back in 2015. This detox is not designed for “weight loss” because it does not target fat cells. Please keep us updated with your progress. We are also offering free shipping to clients that leave their review.

      1. I’m On My 2nd Pearl.
        I’m Having UTI Symptoms. What Do I Do

        1. Greetings,

          We would recommended that you wait before inserting another pearl. Various clients have different experiences with the detox, and some clients may find that the potency of the herbs are too strong for them depending on the number of pearls inserted at one time and the length in time between the pearls being inserted.

  4. Hi, I recently had a mirena placed and would like to know if I can still use the pearls with this device in place?

    1. Greetings Le! We have had several clients who completed the detox while they were on birth control which includes the mirena and copper.

  5. I have received my pearls and feminine wash. My question is, how long do I wait after the first detox before I start a new detox? Also how often should I detox in the 4 month time frame that was mentioned somewhere on this site? I am excited about using this product. I just want to do it correctly to ensure the best results.

    1. Greetings Queen! Please keep us updated on how the pearls and feminine wash worked on your wellness journey. We recommended clients do 1 detox per month. A good way to keep on track is to start the detox after your cycle ends. That way you can detox around the same time frame. We also recommend clients start the detox a minimum of 3 or more stays after their cycle ends just to ensure your cycle is finished. The pearls are not intended to be used during our cycles. I hope this information was helpful. Once again please feel free to leave a review on the items your purchased. We look forward to hearing about your progress.

  6. A friend of mine suggested I leave the yoni pearl In for three days. Is this too long.?

    1. Greetings Queen! Leaving the pearls in for 3 days is considered normal use, but some women may have sensitivity to the potency of the herbs. If that is the case, then I would recommend they do the 1 pearl = 1 day approach. With that method they will still get 3 pearls in for the month and a total of 72 hours for it. I personally recommend clients to decide which method would be better for them and then progress from there. Feel free to email me ( if you do have any more questioned Beloved.

  7. A friend of mine suggested I leave the yoni pearl I’m for three days. Is this too long.?

    1. Greetings Queen! Leaving the pearls in for 3 days is considered normal use, but some women may have sensitivity to the potency of the herbs. If that is the case, then I would recommend they do the 1 pearl = 1 day approach. With that method they will still get 3 pearls in for the month and a total of 72 hours for it. I personally recommend clients to decide which method would be better for them and then progress from there. Feel free to email me ( if you do have any more questioned Beloved.

  8. Thank for caring enough to produce such a product.

    I’m a sales person looking for ethical products to sell, not only that, as a person suffering from fibroids would really like to know if it’s safe to use these with my current condition.
    For sometime my GPS are advising hysterectomy which I have refused, even though heavy bleeding pain anaemia iron deficiency are all on going major concerns.

    Currently I’m using Dr Sebi herbal supplements and adjusting diet.

    Please advise if these yoni detox will benefit.


    1. Greetings G,

      Our Herbal Womb Detox Pearls are designed to aid to the natural detoxification process that our bodies have. Within a properly functioning system the items we consumer orally, topically, mentally, and spiritually should be of the highest quality. If this is the situation, then there would be no room for imbalances to occur. Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of living in such a pristine environment. As a result we must incorporate regular detoxification methods to maintain balance within our bodies. Specifically speaking, clients with the imbalance that you referenced have received benefits from our detox. We definitely agree with the Dr. Sabi method of incorporating herbs and an improved diet in order to rebalance our systems. Regardless of what system or type of detox you choose we recommend you stay with it for a minimum of four(4) months. This is roughly the amount of time that it takes for your body to produce completely new blood cells. During the four month period you will be better able to gauge how fast your body is returning to a balanced state, and whether you need to make any adjustments to the method/program/type of detox that you are using. Since our Herbal Womb Detox Pearls are designed specifically for feminine use we would also recommend our detox to clients like yourself. We hope this information was helpful. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

  9. I’m in my 30s and have yet to get pregnant. Will these help? I just ordered 3 pearls, also how often should you detox?

    1. Greetings! A few of our clients have gotten pregnant after using our detox. You can view one of our client’s experiences in the testimonial section. Please keep in mind that there are various reasons that clients have difficulty conceiving. Some reason are due to the woman and other are caused by the male. Female issues include a vaginal canal that is too acidic for sperm to survive, too thick of a mucus protection over the cervix, and trying to conceive during periods of the menstrual cycle where woman are not fertile. For men low sperm counts and motility are major factors. If infertility is due to issues within the woman then a proper diet combined with regular detoxing can aid your body in restoring itself to fertile conditions. Our detox pearls are designed to detox the womb/yoni/vagina from toxins, bad bacteria, and yeast overgrowth. Once your body has those toxins removed, it will naturally be in a balanced state (healthy and fertile).

      1. Thank you.

  10. Hi I was trying to order but don’t know if it went through the please give me a email I don’t want to be double charging my card I was interested in becoming a distributor

    1. Greetings! We double checked our system and the checkout was not complete. Your account should not be charged, and you should see an invoice from PayPal in the next couple of days from us.

      1. Goodnight I just got my pearls from a store they sold it to me for 35dollars for 3pearls ….I was wondering is that the price they normally go for or is it to high and can I order from you ?? They also told me to insert all 3 of the pearls at once and leave it in for 3days is that correct? Please can you email me the correct way or how to order from you ? Thanks in advance

        1. Greetings Precious,

          Thank you for connecting with us. The price range for 3 of the pearls ranges Typically they are sold 3 for $30, so $35 is not that far off. You can place any order from our site by visiting Clients are free to start inserting 1 to 3 pearls at a time. The recommendation is 3 pearls for the month, but due to the sensitivities of some clients to the potency of the herbs we recommend clients test it out first with 1 pearl at a time for 24 hours each, just to see how it goes. We hope this was able to help answer your questions.

  11. how do I use the pearls before or after my period and one topic I read said three pearls at one time then another said one pearl at a time I am first time user who needs help please Dominique

    1. Greetings. We recommend all client to start a minumum of 3 days after their cycle. This year we as a company have moved ahead with a new usage system called the Pangaea Process. Some women can be sensitive to the potency of our herbs. As a result, we upgraded our instructions to provide a milder process that was just as effective. Can you please email us the links to the conflicting information if it exist on our site or social outlets (

  12. I would love to know how I can be seller for you guys..I have so many woman aware of this products that they want to give it a try

    1. Greetings Christine,

      Please email us at for more information on how to become a distributor.

    2. I tried it for the first time this month and can vouch that this product does in fact work.

      There was a mix of emotions seeing the discharges — stunned, repulsed, but mostly glad to be doing something that will benefit my overall well being.

      I intend to continue using this product on a monthly basis. For any long-time users, I would like to know how many applications before you no longer expierenced discharges? After removing the pearls, I had one small white clump of sticky mucus-like substance on the 2nd day after removal. Four days later, I had a larger clump of what looked more like a doughy substance (probably yeast).

      What is the best way to determine what your looking at?

      1. Greetings,

        Thank you for sharing your experience, and assisting other clients. In our FAQs section we explain the varying discharges and explain what each kind can contain.

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