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  1. I just wanted to share my experience. I have completed 3 detoxes over the past year but this will be my first time sharing. I purchased my 3 pearl detox ner the end of April but I found myself pregnant so I couldn’t use it immediately. Unfortunately it ended in miscarrage but it also gave me something to purge. The past 2 detox didn’t yield any purging but this time did. I now feel like a wiegt has been lifted. I have been deficating more productively and I just feel better all around. I noticed myself snapping at my Husband more and after I removed the pearls and purged seems like we’re getting along better. I read most of the negative reviews about vaginal/womb detox and I am in total disagreeance. I feel better, my face is shining, and Hunny can’t wait to get in (he knows it brings back the tightness). I dont know how to post the pic here, even though it’s not as much as past pics I’ve seen.

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